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• 5.5 to 7 inch thick Vault Door designed to   resist metal cutting, oxyacetylene torch and   drilling attacks.
• Door frames are constructed with double wall.
• Area behind door locks is reinforced with   Ballistic Metal from Germany or other metal   with equivalent property.
• It comes with a 2 movement Sargent and   Greenleaf Time Lock (USA/with Swiss time   piece) device.
• 2 units of combination lock is included.
• 6 live barrel bolts and 6 dead bolts solid   stainless steel with 1.25 inch diameter.
• Heavy duty door hinges are machined to size   using 4140 grade tool steel.
• Fire insulation material mix of not less than 1   inch thick for fire resistance of 1 hour.
• Backup relocking device is installed in case of   mechanical penetration. Another barrel bolt will   fall creating another locking device.
• Heavy duty stainless steel handle is   provided.
• Metal Alloy Turn Wheel is custom machined   for easy turning to lock and   unlock position.
• Security Day Gate with key lock is constructed   with ½" diameter solid shafting for grill works.
• Architrave components to conceal hinges are   made of steel with matching color of vault door.
• Door with key lock is included to conceal time   lock device.
• 2 Breather units are installed.
• By-Pass Lever included for emergency exit.
• Color - Beige.
• 3-year limited warranty.
• Durable powder coating interior & exterior for   extra built finish.
• Clear Opening: 33.52" x 783.25" (=/- 1.5")
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